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SINCE 2017

Yongyuan Microelectronics was founded in 2017, inheriting IR (International Rectifier) and world advanced design heritage. After several years of development, it currently has a complete process design platform in logic circuits such as CMOS, BCD, and power devices such as VD Planar process, VD Trench process, SJ, SGT-Mos, and Rad-Hard-Mos. Proficient in the most advanced 8-inch manufacturing process, while closely following the market, designing the highest quality and most market specific products according to market charge parameters, and proficient in reliable control of practical applications.

With the support of numerous technologies, our company is committed to independent innovation and is committed to the "APM (Yongyuan Microelectronics)" independent product brand. We have research and development and sales centers in Taiwan, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Wuxi, and other places. Currently, our products are exported overseas and applied in various fields.

Company Vision: Combining performance and reliability, providing the most cost-effective high-quality products for small and medium-sized enterprises!